Youngster Joey

Youngster Joey is a trainer in Crystal who is on Route 30.  AJ beat his Rattata and Joey and him exchanged numbers. His number was deleated on accident, but players went to get it back. Near the end of Crystal, calling Joey was the only way to activate Democracy mode.  

Many people think that Ace, AJ's Raticate, was Joey's Rattata, and Joey sent it out to find and help AJ. Some people believe Joey and AJ love each other, while some think they are just good friends. Joey often called after AJ lost to the Elite Four. Some think AJ and Joey were married after Crystal.

After CrystalEdit

Joey returned in HeartGold to help Aooooo. He has fought with Dragonair, Wurmple, Celebi, and Haunter. In Black Version, Youngster Joey faced Jimmy outside the Dreamyard. He had four Patrats and a Lilipup. He lost to Jimmy.

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