All of our gods

The War of the Gods is a series of battles in Twitch Plays Pokémon HeartGold from the elite four all the way through to Mt. Silver.


Aooooo started with Trapinch and later caught Xatu and Sudowoodo. Lord Amber, the balance of all the gods, still belongs to Alice. Once she is beaten on Mt. Silver, she will be free, and Bill will be beaten. He sent out a message to all of the gods saying that they needed to unite to win these battles. The voices convinced Amber to have A.O. as the one to lead the gods into battle.

Lord Root was the first to come meet A.O. He decided to choose Sudowoodo as his prophet.  The Sudowoodo now is called Treesus. Lord Claw, being the god of silence, didn't want to fight, but wanted to still help. He chose Xatu as his new prophet, as Sun Prophet defeated Sneasle in Platinum. Lord Skull showed up next and Lord Armor also showed up later on. Lord Dome also belonged to Alice, but he managed to escape the PC, only to be caught by A.O. and forced to help in the war. Lord Helix had been laying low since Crystal when he was attacked by angry mon' who disagreed with his rule. After Lord Amber and gave him the message that the world needed him to return, he too decided to join the fight.

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