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Twitch Plays Pokémon TTP Version is a hack of Pokémon Red that was started on Twitch Plays Pokémon's one year anniversary. Instead of normally completing the game, the goal of this version is to catch all 151 Pokémon. This run started on 2/12/15.

TPP Version Edit

Before the run, the picture was a countdown and the Title saying "TPP version". Many people were confused, saying "What is TPP version?"

What was Special? Edit

Unlike the originals, all can be caught without Trading. This also has the unique thing of different Pokémon in different Locations. This means that a Pikachu can be caught in Route 1.

Pokémon Edit

RED'S Party (AIIIAAB) Edit

  • Onix (lvl 34) "Bronix"
  • Paras (lvl 20)
  • AAAAAJJAAJ (lvl 9 Mankey)
  • Diglett (lvl 20)
  • ]]........ (lvl 15 Diglett)
  • JC---SSSMM (lvl 18 Diglett)

Inside the PC Edit

  • Poliwag (lvl 19) "Poliswag"
  • Zpkpk r yyz (lvl 15) "Z Pak or Mr. Krabs"
  • AAAAAJJAAJ (lvl 9 Mankey)
  • Weepingbell (lvl 20)

Released Edit

Pidgey (lvl 12) [Baby Bird Jesus]

Charzard (lvl 50) [GrowlZard, The False Prophet, Growleerzard or ClutchZard]

Poliwag (lvl 16) "Trolliwag"

BBAABaaaa (lvl 12 Magikarp] "Karp, Fish Jesus, Kabba (pun on it's name and the Kappa emote) and Baba"

Kakuna (lvl 16) "Kakuna Rattata, Kakuna Matata or Beesus"

Beating Brock Edit

The Hive mind was determined to beat Brock, however the only Pokemon that could actually do anything was Growl-meleon, who was at a significant type disadvantage. The first trainer in the Gym's team was a manifestation of both Dome and Helix (Kabuto and Omanyte) Which proved devastating for Growl-meleon (Water-Rock type vs fire) This trainer could be passed, so that option was chosen over attempting to beat the tag team of Dome and Helix.

After a big challenge, at 18h 28m 30s we managed to beat Brock, with the money from the victory we tried to buy some Pokeballs.

When we managed to get some balls, We ran out of them; the Pokeballs were spent on fighting to "level up and evolve Kakuna". However, every time Kakuna was evolving, it was cancelled.

Mt. Moon Edit

After beating Brock, the Hive Mind stumbled its way to mt moon, and after awhile, made it to the pokemon center, starting the Mt Moon trials.

After battling through Mt Moon for awhile, a HP UP was found. This was sold for money to buy pokeballs and a Magikarp that was being sold at the Mt. Moon Pokecenter for $500.

Red whited out at least 5 times. One of the trainers was particularly difficult, as his first Pokemon was Lord Helix, who wiped the team by himself on multiple occasions. This trainer could also be skipped, so that is what was done. This is where the team acquired Onix, miraculously catching him at full health with just 2 poke balls.

After finally getting to and beating the Super Nerd, the choice between Dome and Helix was imminent. The Hive Mind ended up choosing the Dome Fossil, after a lot of stumbling around the two. This was the end of the Mt Moon trials, as Red finally reached Cerulean City.

Beating Misty? Edit

Attempts are being made to challenge misty, however the Hive Mind keeps getting stuck in the corners of the gym, and both Onix and Charzard are at a disadvantage.

At long last, our hero finally beats Misty on the 19th try.

Battle with the PC Edit

The SS Ticket was retrieved and Vermilion City was reached. It was decided that some PC operations were necessary. However, what ended up happening is multiple pokemon (including Kakuna and Onix) were stored in box one, then the current box was switched to box 4. This made them nearly impossible to retrieve.

Sometime during the retrieval, some pokemon were stored in box 4 and released, Charzard being the highest level released so far. (lvl 50) Eventually box one was reached, and Onix, Weepingbell, and Venonat are now the only Pokemon in the party, with many hoping to retrieve Kakuna from the PC. However Kakuna was released in the process.

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