Day 1 Events Edit

The play-through starts with the usual opening title sequence, with Professor Oak asking for the player's name, the Hive Mind, without hesitation, chooses the default name, RED. After being asked what the name of their rival shall be (the default name BLUE is chosen), the Hive Mind begins their adventure.

After a couple minutes of bumping into walls, RED finally receives his first Pokémon, a Charmander, and names it ABBBBBBBK (. BLUE chooses Squirtle and challenges RED to a Pokémon battle.

RED began his trek to Pewter City. Along the way, he caught a wild Pidgey, who would go on to become the infamous Bird Jesus.

RED defeats Gym Leader Brock, obtaining the Boulder Badge. After a couple hours, RED reached Mt. Moon.

First Historical Event: Obtaining the Helix FossilEdit

Sometime around midnight, RED fought and defeated a Super Nerd. After beating the Nerd, RED was offered a choice between the infamous Helix Fossil and the Dome Fossil, RED chose the former.

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