Sunbrella is a Roselia in Platinum. Her name is Sunbrella due to the umbrella icons in her name. She knows Absorb, Growth, and Water Sport. She is higher leveled than the rest of the team (as of 22 hours in), because she is the only one good against Roark. Many say that she is the daughter of one of the Oddish from the Salad Army. She evolved into a Roselia at 3 Days, 17 hours, and 36 miniutes. She evolved by accident with a Rare Candy. She was allowed to evolve again using the shiny stone later on. Sunbrella had fallen in love with a Roselia. They had a child together but before the child was born, Giratina reset the universe back earlier in the day, but sadly, her boyfriend and child vanished forever along with many others.

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