Riots are things that happen often in the Twitch Chat. 


A dance riot in Platinum


Riots take place when the stream is down or when the game freezes. People yell riot and have Unicode men all over the chat.

Dance RiotsEdit

Dance Riots have almost replaced regular riots completely. They take place and happen for the same reasons.  The only difference is that there are dancing Unicode people and many musical notes.

But it is mostly used when hearing "good" music and the chat likes it.

Sleep RiotsEdit

Sleep Riot

Sleepy Riot

The first Sleep Riot took place in HeartGold, when we listened in to DJ Ben playing lullabies on the radio.

This is also spammed when the Hive gets bored.

New Game Riots Edit

In the intermission whilst waiting for PBR 2.0, we played games such as Animorphs, Robopon, Earthbound, Etc. . When eventually the Hive mind got bored of a game, they would riot about it until some TPP Staff switched games.

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