Twitch Plays Pokémon Sun Version is the eleventh game Twitch Plays Pokémon has played. It started November 18th.

Pokemon Edit

9'l Party Edit

66 (Zygarde)

3 " 8 ) % (Fearow)

! beb r (UB-02 Absorption)

Ribombe R44 (Ribombee)

KMFR Wiiiiii, Nn (Solgaleo/Nebby)

SE (Alolan Raticate)

Inside the PC Edit


Inside the Daycare Edit

None found

Released Edit

None found

Traded Edit

Solgaleo for Abra

Lediba for Delibird

Characters Edit

None found

Items Edit

None found

Actually USEFUL Edit

None found


None found

Lore Edit

None found

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