HONOT or #HONOT became a popular phrase and hashtag in the TPP chat after it's first appearance. It was originally written as #HONOT by used Jman37ZX on 6/8/2015 in place of the popular #HONOR used after a Pokemon uses a suicide move (ie. Self Destruct, Explosion). It's popularity was triggered by two of his friends, bobakanoosh55555 and LicenseToKill007, after they repeated his typo fervently in the chat. Users such as Ash_Check_Em and hentaikid48 caught on quickly, repeating the hashtag. It was followed by varying degrees of confusion in the community as to what it referred to, but was ultimately rewritten by the majority of the chat, overwhelming the trending hashtag list and remaining at the top of the list for several hours, only occasionally interrupted by #SPACE at the use of seismic toss. It remains a popular hashtag to pop up randomly in the chat.

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