HI UP!!! .The False Prophet is the moniker that RED's Eevee was known by in generation one lore after his evolution into Flareon. He is a prominent figure in the canon of Early Helixism, and his reevaluation as a character is one of the driving forces behind the shift in ideology that came with Late Helixism.



Prior to arrival in Celadon City, there was considerable discussion over what pokemon would be used to learn Surf and enable the completion of the last portion of the game. The inability to coherently fish by going through the tiresome process of entering the item menu and using a rod - this assumed that the stream would actually acquire one of the rods - meant that the most likely candidate for Surf would have to be a pokemon acquired by other means. A water pokemon could use Surf in battle for a same-type-attack-bonus and thus be more beneficial to the team later on.

In Celadon City, the players could acquire an Eevee, which could be evolved into a Vaporeon and learn not only Surf with a bonus, but also the valuable Ice Beam. Ice-type attacks were very useful in generation one, as many of the Elite Four pokemon were weak to ice. Further discussion suggested that, while buying and using a stone on Eevee would have been a challenge, if he was instead evolved into a Jolteon, then there would still be considerable utility. This would later be confirmed by the virtual sweep of the Elite Four by Battery Jesus.


The stream guided Red into the Celadon Mansion and he was given Eevee by the normal NPC there. Navigating the stairs and the hedges behind the building took time and effort but the acquisition was met with general enthusiasm and a surge of hope for the addition of a powerful pokemon that would assist greatly in the most difficult parts of the game, battle wise. All that was left was to get to the Department Store and purchase a Water Stone.

The False ProphetEdit


Upon climbing the stairs of the Department Store, there was a flurry of commands being entered. By this time, the stream had reached unprecedented levels of popularity online and the ideas and factions of individual users were rampant. In a twist, the stream purchased a Fire Stone. This was frustrating, as the amount of white-outs and the associated loss of money had vastly deteriorated any cash reserves. The frustration and anger mounted when Eevee was evolved into Flareon.


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