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Artemis Haze the 12th is the protagonist of TPP Omega Ruby. His name is often shortened to Arty, as he tends to be bothered by his snobbish family history. He is the third trainer to have obtained a Torchic. He is thought to be a somewhat fickle boy who went through a lot of phases (gangster, satan-worshipper, rockstar, contest star) before really discovering himself.

In the beginning of his adventure he was accompanied by Sarfa (sometimes called Scarface) the Torchic and a shiny Beldum. They were seen as a mafia. However, these two mons were eventually released, and a Zubat known as Satanbat entered his team. This bat allegedly caused many of Arty's releases. When Satanbat himself was released, Artemis moved on, and began to build the team of cute pokemon he eventually took to the Hoenn Pokemon League, including Zigzagoony/Linoony the Linoone, T4 the Azumarril, Feminun the Minun, Whismur V the Exploud and Nkekev/Zapdoge the Manectric. He later received a Latios after saving it from Team Magma. Arty's team is often known as the Bunny Mafia.

After beating the Pokemon Leauge, Arty went on a quest to stop a meteor from hitting Hoenn (the Delta Episode). He received Lord Stress the Rayquaza, kicking the Manectric out of the team. He stopped the meteor and came face to face with Deoxys. He then ran from Deoxys when Deoxys fainted Lord Stress. After rematching the E4, Arty battled Deoxys again, this time fainting Deoxys. Arty also participated in multiple contests, becoming the first host to win a Master Rank contest. He entered many cute contests. He even entered the Rayquaza, Lord Stress into a cute contest. This led to the idea that he has a love for cute Pokemon, and even considers Pokemon like Rayquaza to be cute.

When Wi-Fi was turned on, Arty, like d, ended up giving away most of his Pokemon. Additionally, he accidentally released one of his Manectrics. However, in his last hour with the voices, Arty was able to call back Latios with the Eon Flute, and flew around with him in the night sky as the voices said goodbye (and spammed BibleThump a lot). Typically, everything that happened after Wi-Fi was turned on is not considered canon.
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