ATV: The All Terrain Vehicle

ATV (All Terrain Venomoth) or (Dragon Slayer) is a Venomoth who is most famous for his role in, singlehandedly, taking out Elite Four member Lance's Dragonite.
Twitch Plays Pokemon Highlights - Lvl 36 ATV Beats Lvl 62 Dragonite (Elite 4)08:23

Twitch Plays Pokemon Highlights - Lvl 36 ATV Beats Lvl 62 Dragonite (Elite 4)

Venomoth beats Lance`s Dragonite.


Venomoth in action


ATV was caught in the safari zone on day nine. It fought especially well against Dragonite in the PKMN League. Nobody really thought much of it until defeating Lance's dragonite.

ATV's FamilyEdit

ATV and Burger King are related. Burger King is the Venomoth King in the Safari Zone. All of his subjects perished on Bloody Sunday.


ATV returned on MT. Silver with the rest of the team in Crystal. He is rivals with Princess Katie. He was defeated by Lazorgator's team.

Pokemon Stadium 2Edit

ATV fought in the stadium alongside Chinchou and Eevee. ATV lost to Onix, and the team lost against the Team of Onix, Weezing, and Master Goldeen.

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