"ABBBBBBK (" was Red's starter Pokémon. Originally a Charmander, ABBBBBBK ( was a cornerstone of Red's original team. Though not as powerful and popular as Bird Jesus, ABBBBBBK ( has had her fair share of shining moments on the team, notably her winning Bide attack against Lt. Surge. Tragedy struck when ABBBBBBK ( and Jay Leno were released under the era of The False Prophet. The hivemind agreed that space needed to be made in the party to make room for a Pokemon capable of learning Surf. However, in the process, ABBBBBBK ( and Jay Leno were accidentally released in the PC, never to be seen again. Since more room in the party would not have been needed if Eevee was not picked up, he is often blamed for ABBBBBBK ('s departure. ABBBBBBK ( left the team 4 days into the stream. She was level 34, only two levels away from potentially becoming a Charizard. 

Many believe ABBBBBBK ( to be immortal.  Every time she dies, she returns as a level 5 charmander.

Mystery DungeonEdit

ABBBBBBK ( traveled with Shellock during MD, and Cuboner the second time.  Both times returing as a level 5 Charmander.


ABBBBBBK ( was in conquest too, and she made it the whole way, becoming a Charizard.

General InformationEdit

Capture InformationEdit

Given to Red by Professor Oak in Pallet Town on Day 1 at Level 5.

Departure InformationEdit

Accidentally released via the PC at 4 days, 8 hours and 53 minutes.

Final LevelEdit


Final MovesetEdit

  • Cut
  • Bide
  • Growl
  • Leer

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